10 most beautiful resorts of Russia

Only present how many interesting and forgotten places are located on immense open spaces of our Homeland. If to look, it is possible to find everything that it is necessary for soul: from comfortable beach resorts of the European level to forgotten "exotic" beaches of the Arctic Ocean.

AdMe.ru has prepared for you the list of the most beautiful and unusual resorts of Russia of which you for certain didn't think earlier.

Taman Peninsula, Krasnodar Krai

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The Sea of Azov — the smallest in the world therefore at the beginning of June bathe here, as in pair milk. With children it is good to have a rest in the village Golubitskaya on Taman Peninsula — — a bottom at coast of this Russian resort flat and sandy. If you want to restore on a holiday health at the same time, look narrowly at gestkhausa and sanatoria at the Golubitsky lake with therapeutic muds.

Sochi, Krasnodar Krai


Today Sochi — the main resort town of Russia and the capital of the Russian South. It is the large financial and cultural center which is promptly developing in the last decades. Thanks to recently taken place Olympic Games the city has ideal infrastructure. There are both mountains, and snow, and palm trees, and the sea, and the beautiful modern city. All this Sochi.

Commander Islands, Kamchatka Krai

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The Commander Islands — one more reserved territory of the Kamchatka region entirely entering into Commander Islands national natural Reserve. Includes two large islands: Bering and Copper. It is possible to reach only from Kamchatka by small plane which flies only once a week here, and that in case of good weather which happens infrequently here. But despite all difficulties, it is worth seeing this world's end by all means.

Lake Baikal, Irkutsk region


This deepest lake of the planet, the largest natural tank of fresh water. Its width fluctuates from 25 to 80 km, and surface area equals the areas of territories of such countries as Belgium, the Netherlands or Denmark. And it is senseless to speak about beauty of the nature of Baikal, it's worth seeing!

Lake Baskunchak, Astrakhan region

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Now extremely pure salt of the lake makes up to 80% of the general extraction of salt in Russia. In June-August tourists who bathe in a brine are flown down on the lake and take mud baths. Medical air with the high content of bromine and phytoncides, the sulphidic silt mud similar on action and composition of dirt of the Dead Sea, promote bystry recovery of vacationers.

Gulf of Finland, Leningrad region

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Rest on the Gulf of Finland is an excellent opportunity not only to have a rest in silence from city bustle, but also to restore health. Pure air, coniferous forests, rest and a pacification positively affect an organism and the general condition of the person, help it to calm down and distract. Along the Gulf of Finland there are many resort beaches, and on the coast the huge number of boarding houses, sanatoria.

Seydozero, Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region

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Or in translation from Lappish "The sacred lake", is located by Seydozero at the height of 189 m above sea level, its length — 8 km, width — from 1,5 to 2,5 km. The mountain river Elmorayok flows into the lake, the river Seydjyavryok follows. On the bank of the lake there is a rock with the well-known image Kuyva. From three parties of Seydozero it is surrounded with mountains. They protect him from cruel norths, creating the secluded corner hidden from the world around. The best place to stay alone with the thoughts.

Vistula Spit, Kaliningrad region

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Vistula Spit — the narrow strip of sushi separating Vistula Lagoon from the main part of Gdansk Bay. The braid is covered with sandy beaches and partially zalesyonny dunes. If you dream of beach rest in the atmosphere of silence, a privacy and the nature, then to you here.

Lake Kezenoy-Am, Chechen Republic


The lake Kezenoy-Am (Eyzen) — the largest mountain lake in the world. Its extent from the North to the south makes 2 km, and from the West to the east — 2,7 km. The description "the pearl of the Caucasus" as call this place, according to many travelers, can't transfer all indescribable beauty of this place. This majestic natural phenomenon which can't be forgotten.

Coast of the Sea of Okhotsk, Sakhalin region


On Sakhalin besides traditional beach rest there is an opportunity to be engaged in ecological tourism: tents, food on a fire, hours-long foot walks on local tracks. Water in the seas washing Sakhalin and the islands adjoining to it, very pure, flora and fauna the rich therefore it is possible to watch life of sea inhabitants with the naked eye, standing at a surf edge. So fans of diving shouldn't miss here.

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