The most unusual hotels

Unless leaves the standard hotel room though some impressions in the traveller's soul? A bed, a mirror, bureau, couple of pure envelopes with a venzelny logo of hotel – all of them are identical and are erased from memory, it is worth crossing a home threshold. Another matter – oak panels and lancet windows of the medieval castle or the room overlooking the sea in the building of the operating beacon. In this material - 14 most surprising and inspiring hotels of the world.

Burj Al Arab, United Arab Emirates

This hotel - the most expensive of all list, but, perhaps, he is worth it. The magnificent hotel is in Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates. The building stands in the sea at distance of 280 meters from the coast on the artificial island connected to the earth by means of the bridge. A highlight of this hotel - of course, an original general architecture which is designed in the form of a sail. Even from far away to admire this miracle of a design thought - already pleasure.

Hotel beacon, Great Britain

Several centuries ago smugglers made fire on rocks and confused captains of the ships, enticing them on dangerous rocks: helmsmen were in full confidence that went on beacon light. And then robbers plundered what came up from the schooner which has scattered in chips. It is possible to feel the atmosphere of an era of smugglers, having stopped in the unique hotel beacon constructed in 1815 on the cape Korsuoll in Scotland which looks at the Irish Sea. If you fall asleep as the lighthouse keeper has once fallen asleep and has forgotten about service, any ship won't suffer – with 1994 all work of a beacon is automated, as has allowed to turn the historical building into hotel.

Hotel plane, Costa Rica

Someone is afraid to fly, and someone isn't ready to leave feeling of flight, having even set foot on firm land. The last as housing quite will suit the "Boeing-727" of 1965 of release "moored" at national park "Manuel Antonio" in Costa Rica. The Boeing at first belonged to South African Airways, then transported passengers of Columbia's Avianca Airline. Residents of the smallest state in Central America not only who has guessed to use the served aircraft as hotel, however the Swedish Jumbo Stay near Stockholm can hardly brag of the neighbourhood of macaques, toucans and other tropical inhabitants. Though, of course, looks many times more stylishly.

Ice hotel, Andorra, Switzerland, Germany

Ice hotels are in Sweden and Canada, but not everyone will reach them, and here Iglu Dorf hotels - the presents snow a needle, issued by sculptors and designers, are conveniently located in seven hot alpine skiing spots of the Alps and Pireney. Every season villages from a needle build anew from 3000 tons of snow. Concerned about impact on the environment can be quiet: a needle are eco-friendly housing. Standard the needle is contained by 6 people. Owners promise to supply each lodger with a sleeping bag in which it isn't cold also at-40 degrees, and for couples have prepared special romantic a needle – calculated only for two. And sleeping bag there too for two.

Hotel on a tree, Sweden


The lodge on a tree has turned in imagination of the Swedish architects from a crooked tent from the childhood into an ecological and futuristic art object. Hotels on trees build both in India, and in Hawaii, but those, for obvious reasons, don't sustain any competition to Treehotel. In total "lodges" six, everyone has unique design, the unconditional favourite – the mirror cube reflecting the wood so becoming almost invisible. The round structure in the form of a nest doesn't turn to call language a tent though it also is generously decorated by branches. And, of course, who didn't want to live in the UFO?

Hotel in the lock, Great Britain


British have guessed several decades ago to sell locks and estates in private enterprising hands – and now everyone who has couple of hundreds of pounds in a pocket, quite is able to afford night behind thick stone walls - with fireplaces, portraits of the former owners and sometimes even personal reductions. As in Wilde's story, the real English ghost will never leave the native lock – and it favourably distinguishes locks of the Foggy Albion from other European fortifications and family possession. And at Emberli's lock several advantages: he one of the oldest (he is 900 years old), the real kings owned him, and there is he in only 56 kilometers from the airport Gatvik.

Hotel in a pipe, Austria, Germany


The practical Austrians of pipes don't waste: in 2004 Andreas Strauss have thought up to make of heavy concrete cylinders weighing 9,5 tons small and cozy numbers for travelers. That in gray concrete it wasn't boring to sleep, the young artist Thomas has painted walls and that laptops and phones weren't discharged and tourists weren't bored to death, in number have providently placed electric sockets. Housing has turned out economic – thanks to the coded lock the hotel doesn't need even a reception, the lodger himself can open a door, having paid number online. And therefore, obviously, there is also no fixed payment for a billeting, the pay-as-you-wish system works. Joking apart. However, it is possible to live in these lodges cylinders only from May to October, but this year the German branch was added to the Austrian original.

Hotel in a pipe, Austria, Germany


Owners Melissa and James (of whom lodgers of this hotel unanimously speak warmly) have made of the former city prison the budgetary hotel where there are both usual numbers, and family, and the general rooms for backpackers. The prison on this place has existed more than 100 years - from 1866 to 1995 the real prisoners contained here, and numbers for lodgers settle down in the former prison cells. The prison chapel, as well as library, and a drawing room are remade under needs of travelers, and there is a lot of them: Maunt Gambye's town is located between Adelaide and Melbourne, on "the ocean way" halfway, and is famous for the blue lake and national parks. For those who want to feel similar feelings, but aren't ready to go for the sake of them to Australia, the similar hotel can be found in the German Kaiserslautern.

Underwater hotel, USA


Jules Verne would be happy: the first underwater hotel is called by his name, let there is it at a depth only 21 foot, but not 20 000 leagues under water. To reach to small, on one family, numbers, it is necessary to dive really with an aqualung. The hotel is based upon a seabed at coast of Florida more than 25 years, and especially desperate fans of Cousteau are offered even to hold a marriage registration ceremony under water. Both the notary, and the chef with festive cake will come to intending spouses in a diving suit.

Hotel in the dock crane, the Netherlands


It is unknown, than Dutches were inspired, creating this hotel, but their idea was obviously successful: the only double room placed in the dock crane which still works and lifts freights in port of the city of Harlingen, became the real hit. Despite same high as the crane, the room rate, it is necessary to book a room for several months – for 2012 nearly a half of dates is reserved already. They say, in spite of the fact that the crane turns in operating time, isn't terrible to be in number at all – solidity of a design and an improbable view of the sea calm.

Hotel in church, Great Britain


Spending the night in church – an invention strange, but Scots were always famous for the oddity. The old church Urkvart costs in the picturesque coastal valley Moray between Aberdeen and Inverness halfway. Let the internal interior don't remind of the church past of the building, it precisely the most surprising troubles-and-brekfast in the district, especially in any way if previously to come on an excursion tasting into small distillery in the next Elgin and to remember Robert Burns's verses about liking to pass a glass - another of church altar boys.

Hotel library, USA


To bookworms – here, in the New York hotel library, in which each number – the booklover's dream, a rack with volumes. Each floor is allocated under separate category, for example, "social sciences", "literature", "art", and each room on the floor is devoted to a separate subject, for example, to erotic literature or poetry – here everything depends on the guest's wishes. In total in a collection of hotel more than 6 000 volumes. With the book it is possible not only to lie in, but also to drink tea in "a poetic garden" on a terrace, or in the room for reading which is open and offers coffee bun 24 hours a day.

Hotel station, USA


If at the word "station" most of Russians has not the most pleasant associations, then the Crowne Plaza hotel located in the historical building of the station of Indianapolis, these associations changes. The hall of the station is remade in restaurant, and cars of the Pullman brand of the beginning of the 20th century – in numbers which are called in honor of the famous historical characters like Charlie Chaplin, and are decorated under the corresponding era. By the way, Pullman cars which, for example, made "East express" were extremely hardy not only in the States – in England have also carefully kept them and have remade in comfortable hotel.

Hotel at school, Belgium


The Belgian photographers Anne and Jean-Luc Lala specialize in photos of architecture therefore have visited the whole world in search of unusual buildings. And then they have decided to dream up, have remembered the childhood and have turned the former rural school into stylish hotel with design furniture. Rooms are called "a mathematics class", "an architecture class", and the hotel places with itself generally groups and is engaged in service and a catering of conferences and seminars of the large companies. In La Classe there are a movie theater and the cellar with gaming machines – school students of a small godforsaken Belgian small village hardly could about it and dream

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